Prevent .NET WCF Web Service from adding namespace to every element

You've created a .NET WCF webservice, it returns XML (blech) and for some reason it's adding xmlns="" to every single element instead of »

"The specified path, file name, or both are too long" When publish from Visual Studio

This is one of those posts that I wanted to write mostly to remind myself in the future when this error occurs again. I was trying »

Ad-blocking for vegetarians.

Very recently Marco Arment published an ad-blocking app from the iOS App Store. This application was called Peace and it used the Ghostery ad and tracker »

Bicycle Evolution

My evolution as a bicyclist. As with many people out there, it all started when I was around 5 years old. That new-found overwhelming sense of »

Developer Community

I know it's been said time and time again; the importance of the concept of community in the software development bubble is one of the most »

The Links of 2015

Here is where I'll be keeping all the interesting links I find throughout the year. All in one handy place where we can all remember them »

Tarot Car Reading: Volvo V70R

The 2004 Volvo V70R. 300 Horsepower, 295ft/lb of torque, enough space to take the family on vacation, sporty looks, luxurious interior and it's a wagon. »


Professionalism. Working in an enterprise environment one hears talk of professionalism all the time. We need to present professional looking applications to our customers. We need »

Tarot Car Reading: The Cadillac XLR

The Cadillac XLR Based on the C5 Corvette, the Cadillac XLR debuted in 2004, right when the C6 Corvette was also being introduced. That means that »

Tarot Car Reading - Renault Alliance

Trying to think of new ideas to write about is like pulling teeth for me, I think I end up spending way more time trying to »